Notes for Photo Judging

Categories for entries :


Set Subject : ( Subject set each month for the following months entry )


Open Subject : ( Any subject chosen for entry by a club member )


Passed In : ( this usually means the photo does not meet the criteria for a set  subject can be re entered at a later contest)


Acceptance : ( Meets subject criteria but has a large fault e.g. blurred )


Merit : ( Ok but lacks finesse in one or two areas )


Highly Commended : ( Very good but has a minor fault )


Honours : ( Makes you say WOW that’s a good shot. No visible faults …. No ‘but this needs…” or “would be better if” )


Champion Image : ( Selected by the judge from the honours entries , one champion image from the set subject, one champion image from the open subject )


The judge can award as many or few entries in each categories as they seem fit.